Ed Sloan Sr.
Ed Sloan & Associates (now Althea US) was founded by Edward A. Sloan, Sr. in January 2008.

The company began with Ed and one other employee, each working out of their home offices. Their primary goal was to work hard, have fun and allow Ed to continue doing what Ed enjoys most, working in the after-market medical imaging equipment industry.
What started off as a small home-based business quickly grew to a multi-million dollar company, headquartered in a 47,750 sq. ft. facility. A few years of continued growth led to the decision to relocate the business once again. In July 2015, Ed moved the company back to the facility where his career began, the 100,000+ sq. ft. building located at 101 Old Stone Bridge Road in Goodlettsville, TN.

In the middle of May 2018, Ed Sloan & Associates took the first steps towards cohesion within the Althea Group, the largest independent provider of medical equipment, and became Althea US.

The US division of Althea, Althea US, currently has 29 employees and continues to see growth.

Ed attributes the company’s success to 2 key factors:
Treating each customer as they are the only customer, and hiring dedicated employees who enjoy their work.